Yousry pharmacy

Yousry Pharmacy offers a wide range of pharmaceutical services, including medication dispensing, pharmacist consultations, and health and beauty products. With its focus on patient needs and reasonable prices, it is a trusted choice for healthcare and high-quality pharmaceutical products.

creative ideas in the medical field

We distinguish ourselves with our innovative ideas in the medical field, where our designs stand out for their uniqueness and appeal. This contributes to enhancing the brand and achieving exceptional results, reflected in a significant increase in followers on social media platforms, along with growing positive engagement towards our content. This engagement isn't just numbers; it represents an impactful effect on significantly boosting sales.

Creative campaign on medical field

We take pride in executing a promotional campaign for Yasseri Pharmacy, spotlighting its delivery service. As a result, we witnessed a significant increase in sales. Providing home delivery service is indispensable in the pharmacy realm, offering immense convenience to customers, especially seniors and individuals with disabilities, who find it challenging to visit pharmacies themselves. Moreover, this service enhances medication adherence and reduces the likelihood of medication delays, contributing to improving public health. Through this campaign, we succeeded in raising awareness about the importance of this service and increasing sales, demonstrating a positive impact on business growth and success.

Product Display Method

During product presentations, we make sure to use the brand's color palette to enhance the visual identity of the brand and showcase it in the best possible way. We aim to use these colors skillfully and strategically to convey a strong and consistent message about the brand's values and product benefits. Using the color palette correctly contributes to creating a distinctive visual experience that leaves a strong impression on the audience.


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