dr.nada siam

Dr. Nada Siam

Specialist in Neonatologym Egyptian Fellowship in Neonatology andConsultant in Breastfeeding Medicine

Creative ideas in pediatrics

Dr. Nada Sayam
Dr. Nada Sayam
Dr. Nada Sayam
Dr. Nada Sayam

Our campaigns aimed to change mothers' perception of the role of a breastfeeding consultant. His role is not limited to knowing proper breastfeeding techniques and solving related issues; rather, it extends to assisting mothers in understanding and implementing weaning methods without health problems for both them and their children. Thanks to our creative campaign, we were able to guide mothers towards consulting with the breastfeeding specialist, opening up a new perspective on understanding proper weaning methods. This resulted in booking consultations, enabling mothers to benefit from Dr. Nada Sayam's expertise and guidance towards achieving a sound and healthy weaning experience.

Creative campaign on breastfeeding

The campaign aimed to raise awareness among new mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and her child. It focused on proper breastfeeding techniques, common mistakes to avoid, and ensuring a natural and healthy breastfeeding experience for mothers.

Creative campaign on breastfeeding

Under the title "If you're expecting your first child," our campaign promoted natural breastfeeding workshops with a 20% discount. Our goal was marketing-oriented, aiming to secure the highest number of reservations. The workshops included: Raising awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding in reducing diseases and enhancing emotional bonding. Educating mothers on the correct breastfeeding techniques and finding comfortable positions. Addressing common challenges such as nipple inflammation and low milk supply. Recognizing hunger and satiety cues for the child and determining the appropriate feeding duration. Learning safe and effective methods for expressing and storing breast milk Campaign Results: The campaign "If you're expecting your first child" successfully generated a strong response, motivating mothers to take advantage of the breastfeeding workshops with a 20% discount for the following reasons: The use of offers and discounts on breastfeeding workshops attracted many mothers to learn more about the offered sessions. Successful achievement of marketing goals by booking a large number of workshop slots. Effective awareness by highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding and its impact on reducing diseases and promoting emotional bonding. Guidance on proper breastfeeding techniques. Active engagement of mothers. By utilizing innovative promotional offers and educational content, the campaign successfully met its marketing objectives and provided comprehensive support for mothers to enhance their experience with breastfeeding

Awareness marketing ideas in pediatrics

Dr. Nada Sayam

We succeeded in achieving our ambition by disseminating educational content that captured the attention of the target audience. We managed to increase the number of followers seeking more information about our campaign. We used this approach to expand awareness, stimulate engagement, and thereby enhance the success of our campaign.

Highlight clients reviews

Client reviews are pivotal in marketing for several reasons. Firstly, they build trust and credibility, acting as powerful endorsements for products and services. Secondly, they assist in guiding purchase decisions by offering valuable insights into the experiences of others. Positive reviews not only increase response rates but also boost brand visibility when shared on social media platforms. Additionally, by actively listening to customer feedback, companies can refine their offerings, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience. In essence, client reviews serve as a cornerstone in fostering strong relationships with the audience. We employ various methods for presenting these cases, including visual aids such as graphs, or images to provide a clear comparison. Additionally, we offer detailed narrative descriptions of the situation and the changes that have occurred. The benefits of presenting before and after cases are multiple. First, it provides tangible evidence of the effectiveness of our client's efforts, second, it enhances client engagement by providing tangible examples of our client's work on the ground, and, furthermore, it facilitates informed decision-making by highlighting the measurable improvements that have been achieved.


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